Couture feels, neutral styles, ballet inspired, and oh so dreamy. Meet NÖRIÁ! The très chic boutique adorning your modern mini in pieces that will be treasured forever. 

NÖRIÁ & CO. offers a range of neutrals outfits, personalized pearl jean jackets, luxè dresses, fairy capes and the 'poofiest' tutus. The boutique colour palette consists of soft tones, neutrals and of course fanciful pinks. We have have consciously curated dreamy pieces that you will love adding to your little fashionista's wardrobe. Our loved collections will take your mini from playing dress up, to a play date, a ballet class or even a special occasion. It's the sweetest honour to be fashionably part of your bébés childhood, oops we mean, "fashion-hood." 

Our boutique believes fashion comes with comfy silhouettes, luxe quality & clean aesthetics. NÖRIÁ takes pride itself with our premium luxe quality, detailed craftsmanship & customer service. Our customers can be confident knowing that they will be delivered 100% perfection in un-compromised signature quality. 

Mama, you can cherish our signature pieces as "forever keepsakes" - your bébé will thank you later!                          

Happy Shopping & hope you fancy all our collections as much as we do.

Xo 🤎